How to improve the appearance of hair by washing it correctly

Nov 27 , 2018


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How to improve the appearance of hair by washing it correctly

Washing hair seems to be just a routine, but to achieve a beautiful and healthy hair every day you must pay attention to some care tips.

Don’t Over-Wash

Regular hair washing helps to stimulate growth and keeps hair follicles healthy, but there actually is such a thing as over-washing your hair. Daily shampooing can strip your hair of essential nutrients and natural oils. Find a balance of what works out for you hair type: every other day, every three days. If your hair gets oily easily, try a dry shampoo to keep it clean without removing the essential nutrients.



Long periods without shampooing your hair can lead to product and oil build-up in your hair follicles. This build-up can damage the follicle, lead to dandruff, and even stop or pause hair growth in that follicle.


Too Hot Water

Turn the temp down when it’s time to wash your hair; the cooler water temperature will help to retain moisturize and to fight frizz.



Stress can have an adverse effect on our health even when it comes to our hair. A recent study has proved that stress shows up in our hair by tracking our stress levels as a tiny timeline in a long-term exposure. The conclusion was that high stress levels could lead to fragile and easily damaged hair, and it could even make you start losing your hair.



Hormonal fluctuations during your menstrual cycle have been connected to increased hair oil production. It’s not proven to happen to everyone, but if you notice that it is happening to you, it’s worth to wash your hair more often in that period.


Alcohol Based Products

Alcohol in hair care products can dry out your delicate strands. So be alert! Many conventional hair products use traditional alcohol in order to emulsify the product. We’d recommend avoiding any hair product that lists SD Alcohol 40, Ethanol, Propyl, or Isopropyl.



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