About Us

The New Company Beauty Supply arised of a brazilian's family dream who already had some expertise in the beauty business. Our Salon in Brazil, Esthetic Company, has the top of mind quality in products and services, a personalized treatment, and a pleasant environment that we brought to our New Company in Miami since June, 2016.

The Beauty Store is the plus that makes our company a complete Beauty Center for your best experience. W
e are always looking for suppliers and partners who have high quality and professional products. 

We have a physical store in Coral Gables - Miami - and now you can buy it through our e-commerce! It's a pleasure to have you here with us!

Our Mission: Offer quality products and services and provide a differentiated experience through professional and personalized treatment, aiming the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our Vision: Be a Beauty Center recognized by its differentiated and exclusive treatment. Be a model.

Our Values: Ethic, Excellence in customer service, cleaning, credibility, customer satisfied, sophistication with simplicity.


Working with us

Resumes are always welcome here! Please send it to our email address - contact@newcompanybeauty.com - and we will let you know if we have a spot available for you!